MAZEMENT is an EDM/Hip Hop artist, DJ, and songwriter, born and raised in the northwest corner of Connecticut. At a young age, MAZEMENT learned the art of DJing by attending Scratch DJ Academy NYC at age 11. He then pursued this profession by booking local gigs, and creating a name for himself as the local DJ. Inspired by artists such as 2pac, Nas, and Mos Def, he began writing poetry to express himself around the age of 13, by doing so consistently, he then blended a few of the poems with beats he quickly threw together on his turntables. Opening a whole new chapter in his life as an artist. Starting primarily in Hip Hop, travelling from New York to Las Vegas to perform, MAZEMENT realized he had a lot of competition, therefore he started blending different genres together in his self produced instrumentals, and experimenting with different writing styles, until one day he noticed how much Hip Hop changed in a course of a few years. This new style didn’t motivate MAZEMENT, it pushed him away. This was the point in MAZEMENT’s career where he was introduced to EDM, he quickly became passionate about the genre, and to this day uses the same “genre blending formula” in his music when DJing and rocking the stage as a lyricist.

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