Successfully Selling Music

With digital distribution becoming easier and easier as time goes on, you see and hear about more people selling music digitally. A common result is that most of these people aren’t selling many copies, or songs at all. Although there could be many reasons for this, I am going to elaborate on one common reason, which is the people who aren’t selling, aren’t working!

In order to sell anything, you need a product. In this case the product would be the song, album, etc. The first most important thing is to make sure the product is a “quality product”, so instead of recording a song in your closet, and not mixing or mastering it, then sending to a digital distribution company, why not invest what it’s worth to have your project mixed and/or mastered professional so it has the quality that your potential customer(s) deserve(s)?

Let’s just assume the project you have ready for digital distribution has had a professional mix and master applied to it. What’s next?

Creating a marketing plan is key to selling anything! A basic marketing plan is better than nothing, just ask yourself Who? What? How? When? Why? The “Who” is who you are targeting to market this product to. If it’s an edm/dance track, most likely your target audience will be 14-30 year old females & males (very brief, should be more specific), (to be even more specific, target high schools and colleges). The “What” is what the product is, (Your project). The “How” is how will you market it, (the plan), and if the plan requires any funding, how will you provide funding? The “When” is when will you start, and when will you stop. Finally, the “Why”, this applies to the “How” portion, only because it explains “why people should buy this product”. Even though there are many courses offered to create a more advanced marketing plan, this basic one will definitely help enhance your marketing skills, and experience. Many will always plan the marketing for their product before the product is created, Never do this! Always remember, in order to market a product, you need a product to market. Even if you think you have a solid idea of what the product will be, it can always change through the creation process so never settle on assumption, settle on result.

Even though the marketing plan is crucial to selling your music, consistency is just as important. Many people think that once they send their project in for digital distribution the work is over, Oh no! That’s just the first step! Using a marketing plan will tell you this. After you send the project in to be distributed digitally, you need to “work” this track, this means you have to go town to town posting ads for the song, book events or shows to promote the song, do anything possible to develop a buzz to allow “word of mouth” to take over, but at the same time, be the artist!
I wish the most success to any musician, of any genre, and I hope you take something beneficial from this post.




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