Ratchet Ri¢h

For as long as I can remember I have always scuffed my shoes up, stained or ripped clothes on accident, or even damaged an object I own such as my car. Although it gets aggravating depending on the severity of the damage, I take pride in whatever I do to make it better. I may use white out for a stain on a white T-Shirt, or a marker or crayon to color over a stain on a new pair of shoes, I may have even painted a strip of tape to match my car to cover a scratch on the passenger door. Whatever it is that I do to fix the flaw or imperfection on the item(s) that people may see me with I spend little to nothing. Many people would say “It’s replaceable, buy another pair” or “That’s nothing, nobody will see it”. In the long run I could spend roughly $500+ to replace a casual outfit. What’s the point? Why buy a new outfit? I mean, why did I buy that outfit in the first place? The most obvious reason would be that I was satisfied with how I looked wearing it. If I bought an object, the reason for buying it could’ve been that I thought it fit my personality. That’s when I put two together and wrote “Ratchet Ri¢h”. It’s not only about fixing damaged clothes, etc. using the slightest effort, and spending little to nothing. It’s a style, it’s one’s way to connect with the world using creativity, art, taste, and most importantly their individual image. When anybody notices somebody else wearing an outfit that interests them, they’re most likely wanting to approach that person to compliment them, or if somebody hates the sunglasses they see somebody else wearing, they may even want to express their opinion on what they don’t particularly like about the sunglasses. Either way, the person wearing the outfit, and the person wearing the sunglasses now have the opportunity to share their interests and vision, all because he or she wore what they believed represented them the best. Be Ratchet Ri¢h! Spend little to nothing to make what you have better. Everybody has a vision, why not express it everyday?

Back In The Studio Pt. 1

After a successful turnout from my last single (True Colors), I went back into the studio recently to work on the next project. The studio was MindMicProductions located in downtown Manhattan. Even though trying new studios is often risky, and could potentially be a complete waste of money, I had an amazing experience there. The studio itself consists of two rooms, the control room, and the live room, both accumulating to a comfortable size. The overall vibe was relaxing, fun, and exciting. The thing that surprised me the most was how non-commercialized this studio is, considering it is located in one of the busiest areas of the city. I admired that it had a private feel to it, which is a rare quality being that most studios that are still standing today go for a more public approach.

The most important thing I look for as an artist is quality in studios. This goes for equipment, engineer experience, and the overall potential. After producing, working, and recording for the past several years (mainly in the city) I’ve spoken with many artists, some who feel the same way. Many take a more illogical approach to a project by choosing a studio based on who has recorded there in the past, or they base it on a certain big time event that has happened at that studio. Obviously if their point is that it must be a good quality studio based on whoever recorded there, then it’s not that bad, but many choose a studio just to say they’ve recorded at the same studio as whoever else recorded there (a big name artist). I’ve witnessed this many times, and it is very irritating. If you really love your music, if you really care about what you sound like, if you really believe you have an amazing product to deliver upon recording, Choose a studio that will give the best quality for that genre. There are studios available all over for each and every genre, it’s just up to you to find the right one for you.

For more information on MindMic Productions visit: http://www.mindmicproductions.com/
Or call Rize Up Entertainment at (845) 518-RIZE